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About Exhale


Exhale Bed Bug Monitor

Activates Bed Bugs

The formula in Exhale is specifically designed to mimic the presence of a human. Exhale will activate the bed bugs to go and search for their next meal. 


Monitoring Before Treatment

Both to confirm the infestation and to observe what areas are the most infested, Exhale is the perfect product for a reliable and efficient process.


Heat Treatment

To secure efficient treatment, Exhale is the perfect add-on tool. Monitor the activity of bed bugs before the heat treatment starts, to make sure following treatment is focused at the right areas.


Monitoring After Treatment

Half of the process during a bed bug treatment is to secure that all bed bugs have been killed. Exhale is the perfect tool to monitor bed bug activity after the heat treatment.

Let's Work Together

Want to learn more about Exhale or us, feel free to reach out!

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