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Introducing Exhale: A Revolutionary Approach to Bed Bug Activation

What is Exhale?

Exhale is more than just a pest control solution; it represents a cutting-edge development in the form of an aerosol specifically engineered for professional exterminators. This innovative product activates bed bugs by replicating the unique composition present in the human breath, to which bed bugs are naturally drawn. By emitting a formula that mirrors these aspects of human respiration, Exhale becomes a powerful tool.

Bed bug attractant
Exhale & The Pulse

The Pulse - Dispensing Technology

Exhale is utilized through a specially designed dispenser that allows for the controlled release of the aerosol at regular intervals. This functionality is crucial for effective bed bug management, as consistent dosing helps maintain an active lure for the bed bugs. Moreover, our innovative dispenser features a night mode option. Since bed bugs are nocturnal, activating Exhale at night aligns perfectly with their active hours, increasing the chances of attracting and managing these pests more efficiently.

Who are we?

At Skatek, we believe in tackling pest problems at their source. Exhale is just the beginning of our journey towards a line of innovative, preventive tools that address pest issues before they escalate. By focusing on early detection and non-toxic solutions, we aim to empower pest control professionals globally with tools that not only solve but also prevent.

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