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Skatek Secures NOK 400,000 Innovation Norway Grant to Commercialize Exhale Internationally

non toxic bed bud spray and dispenser
Exhale aerosol & dispenser

We are beyond excited to share a significant milestone in our journey towards revolutionizing pest control. Skatek has received a NOK 400,000 Start-up Grant 2 from Innovation Norway to commercialize our innovative Exhale aerosol gas product on a global scale. This brings our total project support to NOK 800,000, marking a major leap forward in our mission to provide effective and non-toxic bed bug solutions to professionals worldwide.

A Game-Changer in Bed Bug Control

Exhale is not just another pest control product; it’s a breakthrough in the fight against bed bugs. Developed specifically for pest control professionals, Exhale is an effective and non-toxic attractant that targets bed bugs with remarkable precision. This precision comes from to reasons:

1. The composition is specially designed to mimic a human, thats why its called "Man in a can".

2. Our unique dispenser with spray intervals, night mode function and more allows the technician to work more effectively, both in terms of time- and cost, and the bed bugs sense the different levels of CO2, making them come out of their hiding spots, since they think its a human being present.

Unlike traditional pesticides, Exhale offers a safe and environmentally friendly alternative, making it the perfect choice for professional exterminators who prioritize both efficacy and safety.

Innovation Norway's Continued Support

The initial phase was supported by Innovation Norway, who provided us with Market Clarification Support of NOK 200,000. This early support was crucial in helping us refine Exhale and understand its market potential.

Innovation Norway’s latest grant of NOK 400,000 is a testament to their belief in Exhale’s potential to make a global impact. This funding will enable us to ramp up our commercialization efforts, allowing us to bring Exhale to pest control professionals across the world. We are incredibly grateful for their continued support and confidence in our vision.

Why Exhale Stands Out

Exhale stands out in the crowded market of pest control products for several reasons

  1. Non-Toxic: Exhale is completely non-toxic, ensuring the safety of both the users and the environment. This is particularly important in an industry where the use of harmful chemicals is often the norm.

  2. Time- and cost efficiency: Our product is designed to attract bed bugs with high efficiency, making it easier for professionals to target and eliminate infestations.

  3. Looks professional: Exhale looks a lot more professional than using dry ice - as an example. It is easy to bring along on a job, easy to store and operate.

  4. Success: It will be a lot easier to perform after controls to ensure the job has been successfully done.

Looking Ahead

The future looks promising for Skatek and Exhale. With the support from Innovation Norway, we are well-positioned to take Exhale to new heights, providing pest control professionals with a reliable, safe, and effective tool in their arsenal against bed bugs.

We believe that with Exhale, we are not just launching a product; we are setting a new standard in the pest control industry - with more to come.



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